Upcoming Shows

Past Shows
Sessionwork 2016 - Present:
09-02-2018 - HDPK ensemble; final concert at the lounge of SRH Hochschule der Populären Künste (HDPK) in Berlin.
27-01-2018 - HDPK ensemble; CineMusic at Schalotte Theatre in Berlin.
10-09-2017 - Lighthouse Jazz Collective; performance during "Het Parcours 2017" at the Muziekgieterij in Maastricht.
08-07-2017 - Hard2Get; acoustic gig at a private party in Eckelrade.
29-06-2017 - Rosa Willemsen; graduation show at the FHK music hall in Tilburg.
25-06-2017 - Floor Bazelmans; graduation show at the Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch.
10-06-2017 - Hard2Get; gig at pub Amadeus during the funfair in Geleen.
27-05-2017 - Hard2Get; acoustic gig at a private party in Wanroij.
18-05-2017 - Tjade van Zwanenburg; graduationshow at the FHK academy theatre in Tilburg.
15-05-2017 - Teun Beurskens & band; final performance at the Royal Theatre Academy in Den Bosch.
27-04-2017 - Hard2Get; acoustic gig during Kingsday at the Intratuin in Malden.
18-04-2017 - Teun Beurskens & band; performance at the Royal Theatre Academy in Den Bosch.
28-01-2017 - Hard2Get; private party at HDC B.I.G. in Meerssen.
24-01-2017 - Jimmy Duchateau; acoustic gig at the Cultuurhuis in Heerlen.
05-11-2016 - Martinus; De Oefenbunker in Landgraaf.
17-09-2016 - Jick Munro & the Amazing Laserbeams; Greidhoek' Festival in Wommels.
17-09-2016 - Jick Munro & the Amazing Laserbeams; Agrarian Days in Franeker.
11-09-2016 - Donkeys Bridge; daytime activities centre in Vught.
03-09-2016 - Hard2Get: private businessparty in Alkmaar.
09-06-2016 - YGOR: popstage Volt in Sittard.
25-02-2016 - The Lucky Ones; final performance during band camp at Bayerische Musikakademie in Hammelburg (DE).

LIANA - Present:
01-09-2017 - LIANA; performance at filmfestival 'Film op 't Erf' in Schiedam.
14-04-2017 - LIANA; support act for Petter Carlsen at So What! in Gouda.
13-04-2017 - LIANA; at De Oefenbunker in Landgraaf.
07-04-2017 - LIANA; at the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht.
14-12-2016 - LIANA; Sofar Sounds in Utrecht.
28-11-2016 - LIANA; Pitboel theatre in Sittard.
25-11-2016 - LIANA; Sofar Sounds in Breda.
20-11-2016 - LIANA; Back at Sea festival in Ouddorp (Zeeland).

Violet's Tale 2016 March 2016 - November 2016:
16-06-2017 - Violet's Tale; pub De Tapperij in Heerlen (substitute performance).
31-05-2017 - Violet's Tale; pub De Fabel in Heerlen (substitute performance).
19-05-2017 - Violet's Tale; pub 't Vereinshoes in Vaals (substitute performance).
27-11-2016 - Violet's Tale; radiogig at L1 radio, pub Forum in Maastricht.
25-11-2016 - Violet's Tale; Parkstad Limburg Theatre in Heerlen (after Douwe Bob's show).
28-10-2016 - Violet's Tale; Pitboel Theatre in Sittard.
21-10-2016 - Violet's Tale; De Oefenbunker in Landgraaf.
01-10-2016 - Violet's Tale: Piarock Festival in Roermond.
10-09-2016 - Violet's Tale; Pandora's Podium in Wahlwiller.
13-08-2016 - Violet's Tale; Communitycentre ”De Koel” in Rothem.
13-08-2016 - Violet's Tale; Musicshop Guus Arons in Heerlen.
13-08-2016 - Violet's Tale; Maankwartiersessions in Heerlen.
23-07-2016 - Violet's Tale; Musicrally Kerkrade.
24-06-2016 - Violet's Tale; pub Bluff in Heerlen.
24-06-2016 - Violet's Tale; Biespop festival in Landgraaf.
05-06-2016 - Violet's Tale; Restaurant De Fabel in Heerlen.
04-06-2016 - Violet's Tale; Food Truck Festival in Heerlen.
27-05-2016 - Violet's Tale; IBA church in Chevremont.
21-05-2016 - Violet's Tale; pub De Kelder in Urmond.
16-05-2016 - Violet's Tale; Gabi's Beer Bar in Maastricht.
14-05-2016 - Violet's Tale; pub Bluff in Heerlen.
05-05-2016 - Violet's Tale; Bevrijdingsfestival Heerlen.
30-04-2016 - Violet's Tale; pub Bell Air in Breda.
03-04-2016 - Violet's Tale; exposition centre Het Blauwe Huis in Heerlen.
20-03-2016 - Violet's Tale; pub De Klinker in Heerlen.

Rockacademy 2015 - Present:
06-06-2017 - Rockacademy; performance with Sifra Geessink at Club Smederij in Tilburg.
30-05-2017 - Rockacademy; George Michael Tribute show at pub Cul de Sac in Tilburg.
22-01-2017 - Rockacademy; performance with Jazz Ensemble during the open day of the Conservatory of Tilburg, at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg.
16-01-2017 - Rockacademy; performance with Jazz Ensemble at Paradox, Tilburg.
23-12-2016 - Rockacademy; performance with Jazz Ensemble during the Night of the Arts at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts.
22-12-2016 - Rockacademy; Vocal Exam accompaniment at Paradox, Tilburg.
21-01-2016 - Rockacademy; showcase with Kris, at the Hall of Fame in Tilburg.
26-05-2015 - Rockacademy; singingtentam of student - live-club Paradox in Tilburg.
12-05-2015 - Rockacademy; performance assessments with skills bands - live-club Paradox in Tilburg.
13-01-2015 - Rockacademy; performance assessment with skills band Dr. Evans and the Strollers - at the music hall of Fontys High School for the Arts in Tilburg.

The Quartermen from 2013-2015:
30-08-2015 - The Quartermen; St. Rosa Festival 2015, in Sittard.
29-08-2015 - The Quartermen; Festival Koppelpop 2015, in Susteren.
21-06-2015 - The Quartermen; Festival Waeskepop 2015 - at the church square of Guttecoven
31-05-2015 - The Quartermen; radio-gig at L1 radio (program "De Stemming") - Pub Forum in Maastricht.
10-05-2015 - The Quartermen; We Aar Bek bandcontest at pub De Fabel in Heerlen.
01-05-2015 - The Quartermen; Support Act for Audio Adam at popstage the Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen.
14-03-2015 - The Quartermen; final bandcontest Podiumvrees 2015 at popstage Volt in Sittard.
07-02-2015 - The Quartermen; first round of bandcontest Podiumvrees 2015 at popstage Volt in Sittard.
01-11-2014 - The Quartermen; Karroessel Theatre in Geleen.
24-08-2014 - The Quartermen; Festival Cultuurhuis Heerlen, Cultuurhuis Patronaat te Heerlen.
22-06-2014 - The Quartermen; Festival Lommel Proeft Jazz 2014 in Lommel (BE).
09-06-2014 - The Quartermen; Acoustic performance during "Kunst in de Keet" at pub Keet in Illikhoven.
15-05-2014 - The Quartermen; Acoustic performance during "Geen Gedonder", popstage the Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen.
11-05-2014 - The Quartermen; Festival Mama's Pride 2014, backstagetent sportpark Geleen.
26-04-2014 - The Quartermen; Oranje Festival at the market in Hoensbroek.
23-04-2014 - The Quartermen; Support Act for Allright the Captain at pub De Meister in Geleen.
05-04-2014 - The Quartermen; Festival 5Live in Holtum.
29-03-2014 - The Quartermen; Final of bandcontest Podiumvrees 2014 at popstage Volt in Sittard.
28-03-2014 - The Quartermen; Heerlense lente at Cultuurhuis Patronaat in Heerlen.
21-03-2014 - The Quartermen; pub Barrock in Maastricht.
05-03-2014 - The Quartermen; radio gig at RTV Midden Brabant in Waalwijk.
25-01-2014 - The Quartermen; first round for bandcontest Podiumvrees at De Boerderij in Geleen.
19-01-2014 - The Quartermen; pub De Meister in Geleen.

Chivy and the BlueZicians from 2012-2013:
03-11-2013 - CatB; Musicpub Helmond.
08-09-2013 - CatB; Birthday Party for a fan in Rotterdam.
06-09-2013 - CatB; pub Backstage Chevy Club in Helmond
30-08-2013 - CatB; Harley Davidson club Gerwin in Helmond
06-08-2013 - CatB; Festival Blast Zomernight Blues in Asten
12-07-2013 - CatB; Big Rivers Festival 2013 at the market ("House of the Blues” stage) in Dordrecht.
29-06-2013 - CatB; Hoge Stoep Festival 2013 in St. Michielsgestel.
23-06-2013 - CatB; Festival Sjilvend Rock(t) 2013 at the sports ground in Schinveld.
22-06-2013 - CatB; Mothers of Peace benefit concert at De Steen in Kerkrade.
07-06-2013 - CatB; Friday Blues at Cultuurstage De Groene Engel in Oss.
02-06-2013 - CatB; Zoetermeer Blues Festival at the City Hall square in Zoetermeer.
01-06-2013 - CatB; Musicpub De Egelantier in Hazerswoude.
26-05-2013 - CatB; pub De Weegbrug in Roermond.
25-05-2013 - CatB; Harley Davidson Club in Deurne.
18-05-2013 - CatB; Blues society L'Esprit in Rotterdam.
14-04-2013 - CatB; Musicpub DenS in Spijkenisse.
05-04-2013 - CatB; Eastside Blues Festival at concert hall De Vereeniging in Nijmegen.
29-03-2013 - CatB; Middelburg Blues Route at pub Dinges in Middelburg.
24-03-2013 - CatB; CD release party (29 years, 29 songs) at pub Lokaal 8 in Veldhoven.
16-03-2013 - CatB; pub Ons Moeder in Sint Michielsgestel.
24-02-2013 - CatB; popstage De Lakei in Helmond.
26-01-2013 - CatB; Musicpub Sheggy's Place in Oud-Beijerland.
12-01-2013 - CatB; pub D'n Bes in Schijndel.
15-12-2012 - CatB; Festival Nispen Blues at pub Gouden Leeuw in Nispen.
09-12-2012 - CatB; Popstage the Nieuwe Nor (support act for Ana Popovic) in Heerlen.
02-12-2012 - CatB; Musicpub Woetsjtok in Brunssum.
01-12-2012 - CatB; Blues & More at music pub De Weegbrug in Roermond.
25-11-2012 - CatB; Bluesclub The Shack in Oude Meer.
17-11-2012 - CatB; Bluesclub The NiX in Enschede.
11-11-2012 - CatB; pub De Stadsherberg in Dordrecht.
03-11-2012 - CatB; Festival Rock rond de Trog in St. Michielsgestel.
27-10-2012 - CatB; Bluesnight East End at Restaurant East End in Moordrecht.
21-10-2012 - CatB; Musicpub Sheggy's Place in Oud-Beijerland.
14-10-2012 - CatB; Festival Blues aan de IJssel at Restaurant 't Hooghe Water in Capelle a/d IJssel.
13-10-2012 - CatB; Festival Blues for War Child in Warder.
05-10-2012 - CatB; Jazzstage DJS in Dordrecht.
08-09-2012 - CatB; Sjonnie en Anita present at the Cultuurhuis in Heerlen.
11-08-2012 - CatB; Festival We make You Jam at the Afnorth sportfields in Brunssum.
07-07-2012 - CatB; Private Gardenparty in Brunssum.

Bite my Wire, from 2010-2011:
A few of the gigs we did:
- Ernesto's Cantina Mexicana (during the Rockcantina night) in Sittard.
- pub De Hollande (during Festival D-Vers) in Sittard.
- Houseband during jamsession at popstage Fenix in Sittard.
- Festival Zomaarpop 2010 in Oirlo.
- pub Shaggy's Pub in Geleen.
- Scouting party in Sittard.
- Benefit concert at the community centre in Hoensbroek.
- First round of band contest Kunstbende 2011 at popstage Fenix in Sittard.
- Region final of band contest Kunstbende 2011 at the city theatre of Sittard.
- pub The Max in Geleen.
- Festival Omdat het kan at popstage Fenix in Sittard.