On this page you can hear what I have done the last couple of years in bands. From my first band onwards I have often visited a studio to record something. On this page I collected all of the recordings I've made with the bands. I also posted some solo projects on this page, things like my audition tape for the Rock Academy. I will try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible with new bands & projects and hope you will enjoy it!

Violet's Tale
Cards & stones

Gonna Take

Hide Away

Leaving Town

This Road

The Quartermen
- With this Indie-rockband we released a EP in 2015, named after the title song: "Down the Stairs".
- The recording process took place at Studio Maasland in Born; my first experience in a vast, professional, studio!
- Check out all our songs! I co-wrote the following songs: House of Roots, Glass Doors and Life of the Night.
Life of the Night


The Divide

House of Roots

Glass Doors

Down the Stairs

Demo Rock Academy
- For submission to the Rock Academy in Tilburg I needed some demos to get an invitation for an audition.
- I recorded my demos at the studio of Sjoerd Rutten and the studio of a good friend of mine; Tim Habets.
- For my demo I recorded two covers at Sjoerd's studio; The Law, by the Dutch band Seven and an instrumental version of Tower of Power's Soul Vaccination.
- Because I needed to send some of my own stuff as well I recorded the song Never Knew at Tim's Studio, together with The Quartermen.
The Law

Soul Vaccination (instumental)

Never Knew

Chivy and the BlueZicians
- After I've had a really nice time with the guys from Bite My Wire I could make the next step with this Bluesrockband from Heerlen.
- With Chivy and the BlueZicians (or, like people called us: CatB) I played throughout the whole country for the first time, we also played quite a lot due to our bookings agency, located in Capelle aan de IJssel.
- I'm very grateful that I got the opportunity to play with this band and cherish all the great moments we shared!
- During my CatB-period we also recorded some songs in the studio of Thimo Gijezen, you can listen to the songs here below:
Don't Touch My String


The Hardest Thing

Bite My Wire
- This band will always be something special for me because I consider Bite My Wire as my first serious band where my live-experience got its first boost. We played at cool festivals and stage's throughout Limburg.
- I also recorded a demo with this band, to get admitted to the School for Pop education in Heerlen;
- I luckily got an invitation for an audition. I attended this audition with these guys and was admitted!
- Needless to say: I owe a lot to these guys and I'm very happy to have been a part of this band!
- Here below you'll find the demo songs which we recorded in 2011, at the studio of Ronald Claessens in Geleen:

This Life

Time to Kill