As legends tell us, a bright star illuminated the skies on the 14th of May 1994, as a presage of what was coming. The day after this anomaly, Bob Kessels was born! Double rainbows, colored the skies and mythical creatures, only known from legends and anthems, crossed several dimensions to visit this special event that happened in Geleen. They say he was the first ever genuine Pokémon master, but dearest readers, that is something this storyteller knows nothing about. This legend is based on verifiable facts, after all... At a young age, it became clear that Bob breathed rhythm as nothing was safe, so to save the interior of his parental home from damage from drumming, his parents sent him to drumming classes, yet it only escalated from there. On an informative note: "Genesis" means "the origin", and it couldn't be more fitting that this band was the origin of Bob's ambitions on the kit. Bob played in a number of bands like, Bite My Wire, Chivy and the BlueZicians and The Quartermen, with the last he won several public prizes and participated in a number of finales of band competitions. They also shared stages with Audio Adam and Only Seven Left amongst others. He also got himself enrolled to the Rockacademy in Tilburg, where he is currently busy in completing his study and a number of musical projects. One wonders what could follow, well people, this story isn't over yet; it's actually just beginning! His musical life has a very clear theme: develop and connect. "The drumkit is the most beautiful instrument, in my opinion, because I know that nobody has ever managed to exploit its fullest potential and no one probably ever will. The only thing I can do is to strive to get the most out of it." "Music is to me the best means to connecting people. Languages may differ and faiths may divide believers, but music is passion and commitment, which connects when transferred!" Bob is working hard to orientate himself on a wide variety of musical genres, but finds his preferred rhythms in Pop, Latin and Reggae. However, he knows that music is something subjective and he wants to develop himself as a musical chameleon, just like his biggest hero Vinnie Colaiuta, in order to achieve his goals. And if eyes are reflections of the soul, than Bob having two eye colours must underline his versatile character, much like a husky (trivial pursuit fanatics, which music legend carries this nickname?). How does the legend of this versatile musician continue? Are you getting as anxious as your storyteller with this cliffhanger? Well, follow his progress on his site!