28-08-2018: My first month back in The Netherlands!
At the moment I'm already back in Holland for almost a month, after flying back from London on the 31st of July. My time in London has been the most amazing and unforgettable time I could have possibly wish for... I did so many cool things during my internship company, amongst others; working on location during the Classic Ibiza concerts; which brought me to lots of beautiful places in the UK. But more things happened because another thing that I did during my last month in the UK was releasing my first (ever) drumvideo, which can be seen here: It exceeded my wildest expectations that the video had been watched 5 thousand times during the first week and also got shared 50 times on Facebook! Anyway, when I flew back to Holland on the 31st of July it was quite strange to be back, although I already got used to the ‘Dutch lifestyle' quite fast again! Quite quickly after my arrival I already got to do some cool stuff back home, like for example performing with my mates from coverband Hard2Get! Another thing that started quickly after my arrival was my teaching job at Sound Academy Maastricht and it was great to see all my students again after a year! All these developments made it more easy for me to get used to Holland again, after having lived in London for almost half a year. And together with Berlin I've been away from home for 10 months in total, so it was quite a year for me! Besides that I'm about to graduate at the Rockacademy now, which means that I have to focus completely on my study again, with (amongst others) writing my thesis that I need to finish within half a year. That doesn't mean that I'm only studying 24/7 now; quite the opposite actually! New gigs are coming, like for example some gigs that I'm going to do with the coverband Hard2Get in September and October. I'm also going to perform with another band in October so, in other words, keep a close eye on the agenda on this website!

29-07-2018: End of my internship in Londen
After being a 'London citizen' for almost half a year the time has come to go back home again... What an unbelievable and (especially) fast rollercoaster ride this has been...!! It's almost impossible for me to describe what it brought me and how much I have grown as a human being and as a musician. Together with the crazy cool semester that I've had in Berlin this has been a 'one of a kind' experience!! I've probably gained just as much life experience in this single schoolyear then I would have gained during two years back home...!! My last month here in London was even more crazy with all the cool things that I've got to do. The Classic Ibiza concerts from the Urban Soul Orchestra, my internship company, are good examples of this. As an intern at USO I got to work on location during the first three shows and my internship company took care of literally everything; transport, meals and even a hotelroom with breakfast included, for the day after each show: everything was arranged! The Classic Ibiza concerts took place throughout the whole country so that means that I saw lots of beautiful places in England. The shows I've worked on took place at beautiful open fields in the middle of the countryside and we travelled the whole country, on our way to marvellous locations in the neighbourhood of Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. The concerts itself were amazing; the whole orchestra was on stage, played awesome dance music and every night we've had a couple of thousand people in the audience! (the concert at Ragley Hall was our peek with an audience of 7500 people). And as if that wasn't enough; when it got dark an awesome lasershow was added to the lightshow. But to be clear; I wasn't only travelling through England during the last month: me and my colleagues worked very hard at the USO-office as well! The crazy amount of work around the first Classic Ibiza concert became even more insane when I reached the last few weeks of my internship... But luckily I was able to complete all the projects that needed to be finished before my flight back home. One of my biggest projects during the internship was building a new website for Stephen Hussey. Stephen is the founder of the Urban Soul Orchestra and also a highly acclaimed musician in the United Kingdom. As a violinist he already did studio work for some of the biggest artists on this planet, like for example Madonna, Mick Jagger, Keane, Jaz Z and many others. So I think it makes sense that I wanted to nail this project and therefore I'm glad that, according to Stephen, it turned out pretty well! Curious to how it looks? Check Stephen's new website here!: Besides all this hard work I've also been busy in London and got more into the sessionworld by playing in the houseband of a blues session almost weekly; my first paid job as a musician in the city was a fact! I'm also very grateful that lots of different musicians knew how to find me and approached me for function gigs, that means gigs during parties, weddings and other exclusive events. Those function gigs are a popular activity for many London based musicians because they pay very well and mainly because there's always a party somewhere in this town! In other words: it was quite an exciting internship, to say the least! I've done so many things in such a short time, worked hard but also really enjoyed all the things that I got to experience... Anyway, I think I'm going to close this blog now, as I probably already broke some new records in regards to the length of it...! I'm going to enjoy my last few days in London now, before I take the plane back home again in a couple of days... But I'm coming back for sure; after having lived here for five months, it has become very clear to me that London will be the city where I want to live someday! So that's exactly my plan for when I'm graduated at the Rockacademy next year; going back to this magical city as soon as possible!!!

21-07-2018: My drumvideo is there!!!!!
The day has finally arrived!; my first ever drum video is 'in the air'!!!! I'm extremely proud to present this video to you, after all the months of hard work that has been put into it... And then I don't only mean all the hard work that I put into it but mostly the whole team of very talented friends who worked on this with full dedication! It may sound like a massive cliche but without them this video would never have happened!! A very big shout-out to all of them, you'll see them pass by in the end credits! But for now; enjoy!!!

16-07-2018: Teaser for my first ever drumvideo!
My first ever drum video is coming your way really soon! In some previous news columns I already mentioned some things about it and now the moment has finally arrived to present the teaser to you! I'm extremely proud that this video has been created by a whole 'dream team' of musical friends who all work in the Dutch music industry as well. Anyway, enough talking, here's the teaser!:

25-06-2018: Classic Ibiza and my upcoming drum video-release!!
Although extremely busy; I still found some time to write about my adventures at the other side of the channel! It's especially busy at Urban Soul Orchestra, my internship company; all our focus is on the upcoming Classic Ibiza concerts: something where I very much look forward to! Classic Ibiza is a yearly returning event from Urban Soul Orchestra in which the whole orchestra plays several big concerts at some cool locations throughout England. During these concerts the complete USO-album 'Classic Ibiza' is played by the full orchestra, with an average audience from 5-7 thousand people. During this year's edition I will also be working on location for all kinds of jobs; this means a lot of running around with a walkie talkie, as well on stage as backstage! Last year's Classic Ibiza shows were a big success so if you got curious why, you might want to check this out!; At the moment, everybody at the office is working like crazy on all the preparations for this year's first concert, which will take place in Capesthorne, Cheshire this Saturday. Besides all these preparations and all the other work activities at my internship I'm in the city at every free moment that I have, to play at as much sessions as possible. At the moment, I visit a different session almost every evening and get to know lots and lots of new musicians. For one of those sessions I was asked to play in the house-band, which makes it my official first paid job as a musician in London!! Besides that, I notice that I'm growing as a musician by the week, mainly because I'm going to so many sessions as well as because the average musical level is very high here. Another thing that is coming up very soon will be my first ever drum video, which is in the very last 'finetune' phase at the moment!! At this moment the video is getting its last finishing touches and I can't wait to show it to you guys in July! The next news column will concentrate completely on my first ever drum video so stay tuned to this website to hear more about that!

30-05-2018: Birthday in Londen!!
Because we are reaching the end of May, it is time for a new update on my adventures at the other side of the channel! And lot's of things have happened in London during this month I can tell you...
To start with I had my first ever Birthday in England and my parents came to visit me during that time. On the 15th of May I turned 24 and put another step closer to 30...
Anyway, we had a great time together in this beautiful city! Besides all the partying I'm also still busy with my internship at Urban Soul Orchestra, go to an average of at least 4 till 5 sessions each week with the most different kind of music styles and I already feel that I'm improving as a musician by the week.

Because there are cool things happening almost every night in this city I already got to know a lot of new musicians. They make my international netwerk expanding even more after my time in Berlin. At the moment I'm also busy with the completion of my first ever drumvideo, I'm expecting this video to be released somewhere in June. In other words; cool things are coming!! For now I think this concludes my new newsflash, so till the next one!

27-04-2018: First 'London' travelblog!!
I started writing again!! Just like during my time in Berlin I've also started a new travelblog here in London. You can read my first story in this 'London blog' via this link:
You can also immediately go to the travelblog-website by clicking on the second 'globe'-icon in the footer of this website, next to all the other social media links. Have fun with this!!
Cheers from Lovely London,

31-03-2018: My first weeks in London!
Well, my first weeks in London already flew by! And I have to say; those first weeks have been quite hectic but also great fun!! Lot's of stuff happened already in a short time and besides that; time flies by like crazy in this vast Metropole; it's hard to keep up with it... That's also why it is hard to describe what I already did so far in this short newsflash, but I'm going to try it anyway! To summarize it shortly: I have been moving out of my flatshare and moved into a new house after 3 weeks already, where I stay with a Host Family; which is something that I always wanted to experience. During my first 3 weeks I have been living in Stratford, together with people from various countries and cultures; Slovenia, South-Africa, Denmark etc. But actually; living with a Host Family always was something that I wanted to experience but I just couldn't find anything that was affordable in London. That also has to do with the fact that it is very hard to find a Host Family who don't charge crazy amounts of money, as London can be a very expensive city... Luckily I succeeded in finding something that was affordable; during my second week in London I found the perfect Host Family where I feel very much at home! Besides that I also really like my internship company a lot and I feel blessed with very nice colleagues! In my free time I try to go to as much jamsessions as possible and to play as much as I can; till now this is going quite well because this city has insanely much to offer for musicians! Currently I'm visiting approximately 3 different sessions each week, in multiple styles and I appreciate it very much that London has so much to offer in almost every possible genre! And for those who are interested: just like during my time in Berlin I'm going to start a new travelblog in which I will write some about my 'London-adventures'. You'll find a link for this new blog very soon in the footer of this website. More about that, and many other things, in my next newsflash!!

09-03-2018: Graduation internship in London!!
Yess!! The word is out!; I'm going to London!!! For my graduation internship at the Rockacademy I'm going to work as a trainee for half a year and there's a possibility to do this abroad. Obviously I didn't need to think long about where I wanted to do this internship; London of course!, my favourite city in the world! After living in Berlin for the last 5 months it also felt like a logical next step to continue my international year in the city that I love. In London I'm going to do my internship at Urban Soul Orchestra, a string orchestra consisting out of classical trained musicians who mostly play at Popmusic venues. This means that they already did some cool sessionwork in the past for some very big names like for example; Madonna, Stevie Wonder and Mick Jagger! Besides that they are also involved in big BBC-projects, like (amongst others) 'Night of the Proms' at the Royal Albert Hall. So I think it's quite an understatement that I'm very happy to be a part of this music company as a trainee!! Tomorrow I'll be leaving Holland and fly from Eindhoven to London, to start my second 'abroad adventure' of this school year; I'm very excited and curious...!!

28-02-2018: Back in The Netherlands!
And suddenly the moment occurs that you have to leave Berlin after living there for more then 5 months... It therefore struck me quite hard to leave the city behind me on Wednesday the 14th of February... My exchange in this great city was an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life and therefore I'm also very grateful to have had this unforgettable experience. I'm not only grateful for the fact that I passed all my exams at the partner university where I studied, most of all I'm just very grateful that Berlin became my 'second home'. That is mainly due to all the new (music) friends that I have made there and also because of the many cool things that I've got to do in the city, ranging from studio sessions, gigs, jamsessions and the many nights out with musicians. Because of all that it's quite tough for me to get used to the life back in Holland, because I like the city life in a big metropole better. However; it is fine to be back in the Netherlands and to see my family and friends again after quite a long time. Being back in Holland also gave me the opportunity to work on some new musical projects like for example my first ever drumvideo, besides that I also gave some drum lessons and are busy with a new studio sessions in March for a new project! In other words: plenty of stuff to do! At the moment I'm also quite busy with preparing something else where I'll get back to in my next newsflash, so I should say; till that one!!

30-01-2018: Exchange in Berlin almost coming to its end...
After a very nice Christmas Holiday back in Holland with friends and family I flew back to Berlin for the second part of my exchange. This second part consists out of a couple of weeks that I still have lessons, followed by the exam week; my first exams in a foreign country! Before I got to do these exams it is time to enjoy life to the fullest here in Berlin because I will only be here for one and a half month. That's why I picked up where I left of in December; with visiting lot's of sessions, meeting new musicians, making new friends and of course making a lot of music with different musicians in different styles. Besides that I also got the opportunity to play a nice show with the ensemble from school; we played on Saturday the 27th of January with our 'HDPK-ensemble' at a very beautiful theatre in Charlottenburg; theatre Schalotte. In this beautiful, atmospheric, place we played a show in which we provided a live soundtrack for movies, which were projected on a big screen. That's also why they called this project very typically; CineMusic. It was a big success and the audience loved it! For the rest there are some cool gigs happening in February;
- on Friday the 9th I play the final concert with our 'HDPK-ensemble' at the lounge of our school, that will also be an exam where we'll get a mark for.
- on Saturday the 23th I will be back in Holland and play a gig as a stand-in drummer with a band from the Rockacademy; more information will follow soon!
Anyway, this will all happen in February; for now I'm going to enjoy my Berlin-life for the last few weeks that I'll be here in this great city. Until the next newsflash!

02-01-2018: Happy new year!!
From a, especially compared to Berlin, very cozy Geleen I wish everybody a fantastic 2018!!!! I wish you all a good health, lot's of happiness and of course also lot's of music in this new year!! For me personally 2017 was a really good year in which much has put in motion, like my exchange to Berlin for example. All these cool things will continue in this new year + much more; great things are going to happen!!!! Over a couple of days I'll return to Berlin for the second part of my exchange and I'm very much looking forward to that! Unfortunately this second part will be quite short because my exchange is coming to its end... Berlin has become a special place to me because I got to know a lot of new (musical)friends here, I'm very grateful for that. I'm totally ready for 2018 and are excited about this new year; hopefully you too!

31-11-2017: Getting used to the Berlin-life!
Because the end of this year is near and the holidays are coming; just one more column about 2017, because it was quite an exciting year!! I'm very happy with the last 3 months, spending my time in the gorgeous city of Berlin! All the amazing people I got to meet here, the very nice university where I'm studying, the cool jam-sessions where I've went to and of course the nice musical jobs that I already got to do... Especially playing live at some sessions was great fun; jamsessions at Badehaus, Hangar 49, Yorckschlösschen (and many others) remain a weekly activity for me that I enjoy very much! Besides that, during the last couple of weeks, Berlin is turning into a 'Winter Wonderland', which means:
- the typically German 'Weihnachts-markets' are popping out of ground as if it's nothing.
- you'll find beautiful Christmas decoration almost everywhere; from simple Christmas lights on the trees till complete buildings packed with Christmas lights; very impressive to see!!
- all the lovely German Christmas delicacies like the famous 'lebkuchen', 'germknödel' and 'glüh-wein'; thoroughly tested of course!
And now New Year's Eve is coming aswel it's also time to start thinking about 2018... There are already some fun things in my agenda;
- some new studiosessions are already planned in Berlin.
- my first drumvideo will be released!!!!
- I will finish my exchange here in Berlin.
- and there are some more things which will remain secret until next year...!!
Currently I'm in the middle of my last week in Berlin before flying back to Holland for two weeks to spend the Holidays with my Family and Friends. Speaking about flying: those first 3 months in Berlin literally just flew by... I'm already looking forward to my last one and a half month which I will spend here after the Holi-days. But for now I would just like to wish everyone the most beautiful Holidays and a healthy, happy and of course above all musical 2018!!!
Or, like they say here in Germany: frohe Feiertage und ein glückliches neues Jahr!!

31-11-2017: Getting used to the Berlin-life!
And that was November again..., time flies so insanely fast here...!! It was a month in which I did a couple of cool things in this city and I also worked on some projects were I already had begun working on before I left Holland. What exactly? You'll find that out down below!:
- looking back on this month I found out that I got used to the Berlin-lifestyle pretty much by now! The urban way of living is something that I enjoy very much: partly because there's never a dull moment in this city! That's also one of the main reasons why time flies so fast here!
- one of the other reasons are the jamsessions that I visit on a weekly basis. In the meantime I have visited (and played in) several clubs like for example; Hangar 49 (pop/rock/funk), Yorckschlösschen (jazz) and Badehaus (lounge/techno).
- besides all those sessions I also have another weekly music-activity; jamming with another drummer at school! This other drummer is the Ecuadorian Daniel Rivera from the band Ponte Pilas (check them out!) and we got to know each other when I visited some of the Ponte Pilas-concert. There arose a friendship and a few weeks later we were jamming at the school's studio!
- like I already mentioned in the beginning of this column; I'm also still working on projects that already started before I left Holland in September. One of them is my first drumvideo, which is now in the last mixing-fase. The mastering of the track can almost begin so I'm sure that I'm going to present this video in the beginning of next year!
- and finally I would like to add to this (already far too long) column that you can stay up-to-date about my Berlin-adventures by following my travel blog. You'll find the link for this blog at the bottom of this website; besides all the social media-icons there's a small globe-icon: that's the one you need to have for the blog! In this blog I'll post a new 'travelstory' every month so I also did this for November already. Interested?: just click on the small globe-icon and you'll be completely up to date!
So now I think it's time to sum this column up, I would like to do that with a littlebit of German!:
Tschnüchstenss und bis zum nächsten column!

31-10-2017: my first month in Berlin!
October just flew by so that means that it's time for a new column! I definitely have some new news to mention because time seems to fly by here in Berlin... Down below you'll find out what kind of stuff I have been up to last month:
- last month I got the opportunity to do my first ever studiogig in Berlin. Together with a friend I recorded the drums for a cool stonerrock-project. Of course this was great fun to do, especially in a city like Berlin which breathes music!
- besides this first Berlin-studiogig I also finished my first few weeks at school, at the 'Hochschule der populären Künste'. I really like the lessons and I'm lucky to be in a very fun (and very international) class!
- besides just at school I also try to be busy with music activities outside of the academy. I do that by visiting lot's of jamsessions in the city. Sometimes it's even hard to choose which one because there are so many! During one of those sessions I also got asked to play in a Bigband and of course I couldn't refuse that offer!
- after my first month in Berlin I've also started with writing a monthly travel blog. For everybody who is interested in this: you can find this blog at the bottom of this website, in the footer next to the social-media icons. Just click on the icon that looks like a small globe and you'll be totally up-to-date!
So in brief; it really is awesome here in Berlin! The city breathes music and is very open-minded to all the different cultures that you'll find here; I really feel comfortable in such an environment!
More about all this in my next column!, or like they say here in German: zum nächsten mahl!!

30-09-2017: Exchange to Berlin!!!!
It's already the end of September and, as usual, that means that I've written a new column! This time I'm going to talk mainly about something that I've been teasing a lot about in my last columns; my foreign plans for this school year (2017/2018). Till now I'm remained vague about it but that I've had quite enough of that so here it comes...; I'm going to study in Berlin for half a year!!!! I'm in-cre-dibly excited about this because it was also quite a challenge to arrange everything and above all because Berlin is an insane city of course! Anyway, it's all settled now and I'm going to study there at the Hochschule der populären Künste! This school is a partner from the Rockacademy and I'm going to study music business and drums there. Besides that I'll be playing there as much as possible at jamsessions and in bands at school!! Of course I'm very excited about this and I'm also very curious to how it will be to study and live in this great city! These "foreign plans" of course also mean that my music projects in The Netherlands will be at a lower ebb than usual, but that doesn't mean of course that I would be doing nothing at all; on the contrary!! By means of a travelblog I'll keep everyone (who's interested) up-to-date about my Berlin-adventures. At the bottom of this site will appear a link to get to my travelblog, so keep an eye on it! With this practical announcement I'm going to end this column because the first travelblog will arrive very soon!! Bis zum nächsten nieuwscolumn!

31-08-2017: Now also to be found on Instagram!
Last August I have been in 'holiday mode' almost the whole month and enjoyed my summer break. But that doesn't mean that I wasn't busy with music at all: on the contrary! Down below I mentioned some peculiarities of last month;
- As you can see in the footer of my website: from now on I can also be found on Instagram! If you want to follow me and would like to stay updated about my musical adventures then I suggest to check this link:
- Besides the Instagram-stuff I was also busy with preparations for the LIANA-gig on Saturday the 1st of September. We'll play during filmfestival Film op 't Erf in Schiedam; you don't want to miss this so be there!
- And speaking about LIANA; on the videopage of this website you'll find a live-video from LIANA! This video was shot during our gig at Sofar Sounds in Utrecht.
For the rest I'm already busy with 'preparing' myself mentally for the new school year, a year that will be quite different for me then a normal schoolyear; you'll find out why in the next newsflash!

29-07-2017: Kerani's album reached the number 1 position!!
This month started with really cool news; Kerani's album Stardust, where I worked on, reached the number 1 position at the ZMR International Top 100 Chart!! It does me good that this album is doing so well in international New Age charts! You can listen to Stardust using the link below:
The album is also available using the following links:
July wasn't only marked by this great news, I also did some other stuff of course!
What exactly can be read down below:
- with my musical mates from Hard2Get I played a nice acoustic gig as a stand-in drummer in the middle of the hilly country in Limburg. We played at a private party in the village of Eckelrade, with amazing views over the hills.
- my summer holiday started after I gave my drum students their last lessons. We finished a great year together at Sound Academy Maastricht and I'm very proud of them because they have worked really hard!
- my summer holiday started great immediately with two very nice (and musical) citytrips to Berlin and London, I will soon explain what I did there!
- something completely different that I would love to mention is that the agenda of this website is now updated with a new LIANA-gig on Friday the 1st of September. We'll play then at the Filmfestival of Schiedam and I'm very excited about that!
But most of all I would like to say: have a very nice summer and see you at the next "newsflash" (with more explanation about my trips to Berlin and London)!

29-06-2017: The last stages of the school year!
June is always dominated by the last exams of the school year and also means that the summer holiday is near! Besides all that I also did a minor last year about Jazz and Latin music at the Conservatory of Tilburg. This minor was very interesting and I dove really deep into this new world of music and passed with good marks! The other exams also went well and luckily I passed all of them, so I'm very happy! Besides all this I've also been busy with playing live at different venues, down below you'll find out what kind of gigs I did in June:
- at first a played a nice performance with singer and Rock academy student Sifra Geessink, this was a gig arranged by the Rock academy and took place at "Club Smederij", a nice music venue in Tilburg.
- during the funfair in my hometown Geleen I did a show with the coverband Hard2Get. We played a cool show on a stagetruck till the late hours. The band was at fully represented; so I had a great time playing with these great musicians!
- the short series of stand-in performances with Violet's Tale ended this month with an acoustic gig at pub "De Tapperij" in Heerlen.
- I've also played some graduation showcases in June;
The first one took place at the beautiful "Verkadefabriek" in Den Bosch, where Theatre student Floor Bazelmans graduated with an 8! This was a very special experience for me because it really was a Theatre show, which I had never done before. Luckily it went very well and I enjoyed this "new experience" very much! The second graduation showcase took place at my own academy in Tilburg where Rosa Willemsen graduated at the conservatory with an 8! We rocked at the FHK music hall and had a blast there! In the field of teaching I also did some nice stuff in June because I got the chance again to assist with rating the drum exams at the Popmusic education of the Arcus College in Heerlen. I did this a few times earlier and really love to see the students developing their skills! Besides that I also did some stand-in work at Sound Academy Maastricht, where I also work as a drum teacher for my own students. I think this pretty much sums it all up so I would like to say: until the next one in July and have great new month!

31-05-2017: Great session performances and also celebrating my 23th birthday!!
The last month was marked by several very nice session gigs that I got to do. It ranged from Music Theatre performances to acoustic performances with coverband Hard2Get. Also something else happened last month; the album Stardust from Kerani got released!! Last February I got the opportunity to play the percussion on this New Age album and I also took care for the drum tuning of drummer (and friend) Erwin Gielen. Now you can listen (or order) Stardust using the links down below!:
Besides this I also celebrated else; on May the 15th I became 23 and I also did a nice gig on at the Royal Theatre Academy in Den Bosch. After the gig the whole crowd started singing Happy Birthday for me so that was quite a special moment; I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday!! Down below you'll find a short overview of all the things that I did in May in the field of live-performances:
- the graduation showcase of Theatre student Tjade van Zwanenburg at the FHK Academy Theatre in Tilburg.
- I also had the privilege to play with my musical mates from coverband Hard2Get; we did a nice acoustic gig during a private party in the North of Limburg.
- with school we did a George Michael Tribute gig; we played a few songs from this legend at "Cul de Sac" in Tilburg and had a blast!
- besides the session-jobs that I got to do last month I've also been busy in Amsterdam; during several nights in May I played during some sessions at music club The Waterhole.
- I also did a lot of stand-in work at the music school Sound Academy Maastricht, where I also teach my own students how to play the drums. It was a very nice alternation with the other work that I did in May so I was very grateful to be a stand in for several teachers!
- And, just to keep busy, I also was a stand-in drummer during some gigs of Violet's Tale, the Countryband I played with in 2016. I now got the opportunity to be a stand in for their new drummer. I played the first stand-in gig at pub "'t Vereinshoes" in Vaals and it was a very special night with a great audience!
So in short: it was a great month for me and I enjoyed all the things that I've got to do very much! I shall stop here with this newsflash and wish everyone a great new month; until the next newsflash!!

30-04-2017: much nice gigs, much enjoyment!
April is already over but what a nice month it has been for me...!!
I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to do some cool gigs with several bands/projects.
Down below you will find out with who exactly:
- it started on Friday the 7th of April when I played an acoustic gig with LIANA during the Museumnight at the Bonnefantenmuseum of Maastricht.
- the week after that I played with LIANA again; on Thursday the 13th of April we played as support act for the Belgian band SX at the "Oefenbunker" in Landgraaf. The day after that we played an acoustic gig in Gouda as support act for the Norwegian Petter Carlsen.
- on Tuesday the 18th of April I played together with Teun Beurskens, student at the "Royal Theatre Academy" in Den Bosch. Together with Floris Bosma on guitar and Tom Willems on bass we rocked the hell out of the Hall at his Academy!
- after my successful audition in March I also went back to Scheveningen to play a set at Crazy Pianos and had a lot of fun there.
- and the last gig of this month I did together with coverband Hard2Get; we travelled to Malden where we did a gig during Kingsday at the local Intratuin.
So in other words: it was a busy but also very fun month for me!
That concludes the news column for this month, till the next one!

30-03-2017: Projectweek at the Conservatory and audition at Crazy Pianos!
There are some new things to report after last month so it's time for a new column!
March was quite a busy month for me in which I did a couple of things.
Besides that I gave quite some drumming lessons at the Sound Academy last month due to the opportunity to substitute for several drum teachers, that gave me the opportunity to give lessons to new and talented drumming students in Maastricht! I also did the following things last month:
- at the start of this month the annual project week at the Conservatory of Tilburg took place. This meant that Jazz Ensembles were put together; we had to write 4 Jazz pieces in 3 days. On the fourth day we performed those 4 pieces in the academy theatre. So it was hard work but because of that it was a lot of fun to do and also very informative!
- furthermore I got to visit the studio again; this time the session took place in Tilburg to record a demo for a singer's audition at the Rock Academy. It became a very fun session of which I've made 2 drum videos. Those videos will be uploaded soon on this website!
- at the end of the month I did a successful audition at Crazy Pianos in Scheveningen. Crazy Pianos is a live music bar at the beach where two pianos form the centre of the club. Two piano players/singers perform together with a drummer, and this time it was me! The audition went very well and I'm now allowed to work there as a drummer!
So actually that sums it all up; March was a month of new opportunities for me: I'm happy with it!

28-02-2017: Nice studio sessions!
In February there were several sessions: very nice ones!
Several times I went to the sessions at live-club The Waterhole in A'dam to play.
But the studio sessions I did the last couple of months were the most important things that made this month great for me!
- at the start of February a long time wish came true: we went into the studio with of PXL Music in Hasselt (Belgium) with The Lucky Ones. This band was formed almost exactly one year ago during band camp in Hammelburg (Germany) where I went to with the Rockacademy. During this band camp I formed a band together with musicians from Ireland, America and Belgium. With those two Belgian musicians a friendship developed and the idea of an international recording project after the band camp was born. In Belgium we took the first step for this on Tuesday the 7th of February as the Belgian part of the Lucky Ones: Jeroen (guitar) and Nathan (bass guitar). Our parts where recorded at the studio of their school and soon these recordings will be sent to Ireland for part two of this project: the recordings of the keys, acoustic guitar and vocals! We all are very excited about this project and are also very curious to hear the final result when everything is recorded! I will keep my website updated about this very cool project!
- the other studio session of this month took place on Tuesday the 28th of February in Stein. Together with my mate Erwin Gielen I took care for the percussion section for the new album of Kerani Stardust. Erwin played the drums wonderfully and I took care of the tuning of his kit and played some percussion. I enjoyed this day very much and was very please I could be part of this. I'm also very curious to listen to the final album and all progress can be followed on:
Well, this was February for me; a month with some great experiences, like for example those 2 studio sessions!

29-01-2017: exams!!
The new year has begun and it began very"well" with some exams I had to take at the Rockacademy, besides that I did some nice gigs!
Here below you can read what I did last month:
- the exams like I said; for the module I follow at the Rockacademy (music business) I had to write a big paper with all the assignments in it that I made over the last semester; it became quite a book. Luckily I passed with and got a 7,5!
- the drumming exam I did was also in the pocket with a 7,5, just like the music theory and solfege-exam (or like they called it at the Rockacademy: CA), I also got an 7,5 for that one and finished the subject?
- another important exam was my Jazz drumming exam with Hans van Oosterhout, I passed with an 8 and was of course very happy with that!
- besides all those exams I also played a few times this month, like for example on Monday the 16th of January at Paradox jazzstage in Tilburg. I did a gig there with our school's Jazz Ensemble.
- and on Tuesday the 24th I had the honour to do a nice gig with the very talented singer/songwriter Jimmy Duchateau at the Culture House in Heerlen. Together with Andre Kok on violin and Sietske van Wilgenburg on backing vocals we made it a very special evening!
Well, that sums everything up for this month I guess: it was good!

01-01-2017: Happy new year everyone!!!!!
With pleasure and love I would like to wish everyone a very great 2017!! I wish everyone a lovely year full of happiness, health and of course: music! Hopefully there are going to happen beautiful things in this 2017: for sure if it is up to me! I'm extremely excited about and I am also very curious for all the musical events this year! Also in 2017 I will keep you posted with new newsflashes every month, to keep you updated about my life as a musician, but for now:

24-12-2016: did some nice gigs at the end of the year!
The end of 2016 is already nearby.. December is always such a special month for me.. Not only because of my love for Christmas! I actually had done some nice gigs during the last month of this year; so I can end this year in style! Here's a short summary of my last month of 2016:
- with LIANA we did a gig in the Pitboel Theatre. That show was "world first" for me because it was my first time playing on acoustic drums combined with electric drumpad and backing track; very exciting!
- we also were privileged to play a nice gig at Sofar Sounds with LIANA on Wednesday the 14th of December, this time it was Utrecht and we had a blast!
- besides these nice gigs I was also present during a lot of sessions at live club The Waterhole in Amsterdam. I visited this nice club a few times last month!
- the last week of December (and also from 2016) was a very busy; one session on Wednesday in Amsterdam, accompanying 2 singing exams for the Rockacademy on Thursday and Friday I played with the Jazz Ensemble during "The Night of the Fine Arts" at our school; it was all great!
I enjoyed this busy week very much; it was a great conclusion of 2016! For now I would like to wish everyone very nice Holidays and a Happy New Year!

30-11-2016: new job as stand-in drummer + new band project and farewell to Violet's Tale.
November brought me a new cool stand-in job: namely Martinus!
In addition to that I also joined a new band and had a great farewell with Violet's Tale:
- on Saturday the 5th I had my gig with the guys from Martinus. We played at "the Oefenbunker" in Landgraaf and we had an amazing night there!
- the sessions at music school JAM occurred this month and I gave, just like in October, drumming lessons on two Wednesdays and enjoyed it very much!
- later in November I got the opportunity to join a great band as a session drummer: LIANA, consisting of 2 sisters; Lia en Lena Göçer. They write alternative and electronic popmusic. I played my first gig with them during the Back at Sea festival which took place on Sunday the 20th in Zeeland. The next gig with them was a week later; on Friday the 25th during Sofa Sounds in Breda.
- With Violet's Tale I played two times this month and unfortunately these two gigs were my last for this band. Not because of arguments or other annoying stuff but just because of my need for new musical challenges. Luckily I had a great farewell with this band because on Friday the 25th we did the after show for Douwe Bob at the Parkstad Limburg Theatre in Heerlen. And two days later we did a live radiogig at L1 radio, during the program "the Vote" . With such a great "play weekend" I couldn't wish for a better farewell to this great group of people!

31-10-2016: especially many new Violet's Tale news!
Where September especially was about performances as a stand-in drummer, October was more about Violet's Tale. Why? You can read that down below:
- this month immediately started great on Saturday the 3rd with a nice gig that we did with Violet's Tale during the Piarock Festival in Heel (Limburg).
- the week after that we went into the studio of the great Angelo Bombrini in Heerlen to record our first EP. It became a successful day in which we recorded 6 songs.
- furthermore I gave my first lessons at music school Jam in Eersel (Brabant) as a stand-in drum teacher and had a blast there! In November I'm going to do another 2 Wednesdays as teacher and I'm already looking forward to it!
- finally we played two gigs with Violet's Tale; on Friday the 21th in the beautiful hall of "the Oefenbunker" in Landgraaf and on week later on the 28th at the "Pitboel Theatre" in Sittard.

30-09-2016: gigs as stand-in drummer with Hard2Get and Jick Munro & the Amazing Laserbeams!
September was dominated by performances, you can find out here below:
- on Saturday the 3rd I was privileged to travel with my musical friends of Hard2Get to Alkmaar. We did an acoustic gig there during a business party.
- the second raid performance was on Saturday the 17th when I travelled with the great guys from Jick Munro & the Amazing Laserbeams to the north of Holland (Friesland) where we played in Franeker and during the Greidhoek' Festival in Wommels; we had a great day!
- luckily I also had the chance to play with Violet's Tale this month; we played the 10th a gig at Pandora's Stage on Saturday, a beautiful small theatre in Wahlwiller (Limburg).
- another scoop for me was the day after, when I played my first gig with Donkeys Bridge, a strings Quartet from the Conservatory of Tilburg. We played at a beautiful farm in Vught and it was a nice premiere!

29-08-2016: Violet's Tale gigs + start of the new school year at the Rockacademy!
August: you were great!
I was busy with the following kind of things last month:
- enjoying my summer holiday!
- played with Violet's Tale on Saturday the 13th; first at Music-shop Guus Arons in Heerlen and in the evening at the community hall in Rothem, unfortunately that was also the last gig with our bass player Jop Albronda.
- preparing for the 2 gigs I'm going to do with Jick Munro & the Amazing Laserbeams.
- the biggest happening of course was the start of my third academic year at the Rockacademy, I'm very excited about this because there are a lot of great things that are going to happen!

28-02-2016: Hammelburg international band camp 2016!!
Because it's the end of a month it's time for a new newsflash!! Last month I was more abroad than in the Netherlands and and experience many won-derful things. At the beginning of the month I had a holiday in the city of my dreams: London. I had a great time there with my dad. But eventually the most relevant trip was to Hammelburg, Germany. Well, what's Hammelburg? I hear you think; Hammelburg is a beautiful place in the South of Germany in the state of Bayern. Every year there's an international band camp in the local music academy and music university's over the whole world attend the band camp. The Rockacademy also takes part in this band camp every year and now as I'm a second year student I was allowed to go there too. During this week I met so many awesome people that I don't even know were to start... I can start with the band I was part of; because every student who attended the band camp got placed in a band with which you have to write 3 songs with in 3 days. During the fourth day the band performs their 3 songs for an audience, so it was quite I job we had to do! Luckily I became a member of "The Lucky Ones", a band with a lot of different cultures, consisting of: Singer/songwriter Chantelle McNulty and keyboard player Matthew O'Brien from Ireland, singer Alex Bartlett from the U.S.A., guitarist Jeroen Huyzentruyt and bass player Nathan van Kersavond from Belgium and myself on drums as representative from the Nether-lands. To give a small impression of what we did there I posted a video of our performance on the videopage of this website. In the video we play the song "Equality" written by Chantel-le. More videos of our performance will be posted on that page! An audiotrack will be made of our performance which can be listened to on the audi-opage of this website. Yes! The audiopage of this website! As of today this website has an extra page. Well, I think this is enough news for this time, till the next one!

30-01-2016: Happy new year!!!!
Yeahh! It's that time again!: exams at the Rockacademy! The past 3 weeks I had 7 exams; so that meant a lot of studying... Luckily I've passed all of them and that means that I'm going to the next semester with good scores, off course I'm very happy with that! For now I'm really looking forward to the holiday when I'm traveling to London! This new year started quite well for me, hopefully that's a good sign! But, unfortunately, there was also bad news a couple of weeks ago; the death of legend David Bowie... Because he meant so much to the music industry and for me personally I feel like a have to pay some attention to this tragic event. His out-of this-world talent will be missed terribly, an icon left us... I've had quite a hard time with his passing away because I've started making music because of Bowie and I consider him to be one of the very greatest artists this planet has ever known. So, to round it all up, the month of January was quite a nice month for me personally but also a ter-rible month for the music industry (and also for myself) with the passing away of Bowie. R.I.P. Thin White Duke! Respect,

03-01-2016: Happy new year!!!!
Yeaahhhh!! It's 2016 now!! Time flies! I would like to wish everyone all the best for 2016! Lot's of love, health, luck and of course music for this new year! For me, 2015 was a successful year, my greatest highlight was of course that I passed my preliminary exams at the Rockacademy. Besides that, 2015 was also a year in which I started to play in two new bands; at the Rockacademy in the band Kris, formed around singer/songwriter Kris van Son, and of course outside of school in Germany with my friends from House/Lounge-group 3DEEP. I love it to play with both groups and it's our goal to make 2016 truly awesome!! For you I wish exactly the same; that 2016 will be a special, truly beautiful and successful year!

20-12-2015: Passed my preliminary exams at the Rockacademy!
Well!! We only have a few weeks left in 2015 so that means that it is time for a new, reflec-ting newsflash! In the last school week before the Christmas holidays a lot happened; which made 2015 a great year for me: I passed my preliminary exams at the Rockacademy! It was a little nerve wrecking as I had to do a re-examination last Monday (14-12-2015), because I had not passed the exams for one subject last school year. Eventually this re-examination was quite a nervous undertaking; but the relief when I passed the exam with a good score was tremendous! Now after passing my preliminary exams of the first year I'm going into the Christmas hol-idays with a great feeling and I can look back on a successful year!! When I look back at 2015 it will of course be the year in which I passed my preliminary exams; which makes me very happy indeed! But it's also the year in which I started with two new bands: 3DEEP and Kris. With the house/lounge formation 3DEEP (a musical trio with Serge Meulenberg on gui-tar, Patrick Hermanns on the synths and myself on electric percussion) we are working hard on our debut album, which we hope to release in 2016. The other band; Kris, also originated this year. Kris van Son, a third year songwriting stu-dent at the Rockacademy formed a band to perform in and outside school. I was the lucky basterd who became drummer in this band and I'm loving it! In 2016 we hope to play a lot and we are going to record our first EP in the studio hopeful-ly, so there's more to come! But that's all for next year; for now I wish everyone great Holidays and a happy, healthy and very musical 2016!!!!

12-11-2015: Traineeship at Arcus Popmusic + 3DEEP news!
Since the beginning of this school year I've been a trainee at the Arcus College, unit Popmusic in Heerlen. I have arranged this traineeship because I needed to do a train-eeship for the Rockacademy in the education work field. That I could pursue this train-eeship at the Popmusic education from the Arcus College was an easy choice because I had studied there for 3 years, before I got accepted at the Rockacademy. So I was very happy of course to go there! Also a little bit weird to visit the lessons of my old teachers as a trainee! I followed the lessons music business and band coaching, I also visited some drumming lessons from Roy Moonen (Rockacademy alumni). This led to being at the drumming exams and judging the drum students together with Roy; a great experience! Besides my traineeship at the Arcus College for Popmusic, the hard work with 3DEEP still continues; and how! Almost every new session we finish a new track. We are also very busy with fine-tuning the first 4 tracks and track 5 is in the beginning phase, release of our first album is coming closer and closer! We are busy at the moment canalizing our different influences to one specific (hopefully unique) style. Because there's already so much music in the world it's quite difficult to come up with something new but we think that we've got something! For this time I will give you a short summary of what it's going to be: electronic music with dance, lounge and deep house influences combined with elec-tronic and acoustic guitar music from our guitarist Serge Meulenberg and latin-influenced percussion from me. In other words: quite a mixture. This great palet of instruments will become even bigger with other instruments but more about that in a new newsflash!

25-10-2015: we are making good progress with the 3DEEP album + new band!
There are great things going on in the studio of 3DEEP. Since last summer I have been driving with pleasure to Germany; nearly on a monthly basis; to make 3DEEP-music with two other musicians. We are making a lot of progress at the moment with our first album; at this moment it is not fully sure yet when we are going to bring out this album; but of course I'll keep you posted on this website! In 3DEEP I really can do my own thing because we are making a crossover between several musical worlds but deep house/lounge music is of course the essence of our music. We sort of pour a 3DEEP sauce over deep house/lounge while also adding some latin influences. We really can't wait to bring you this music but we have to be patient, although the composing process is going very smoothly! Besides 3DEEP I'm also working with another new band: one at the Rock Academy! In the third academical year there's a student called Kris van Son, a great songwriter, who asked me to play in her band. We have been busy rehearsing for a few weeks and I'm very enthusiastic about it! At the moment we are working towards a showcase, which Kris is to give for school at the Tilburg popstage 013. But it's our plan to perform beyond school as well; we are now in the start up phase; so more information will follow soon! I think that this will do for the moment; so till the next newsflash!

19-09-2015: school has began!
After a great summer holiday with enough relaxation and rest, I'm again in Tilburg because of school! It's very nice to see everybody again at school because it had been a while…. I'm totally prepared for it and I hope that it will become a great year! The school-program looks quite promising; we will have a couple of new subjects of which I like the education classes the most. During the first period of this school year, till the Christmas holidays, I will follow a module at school which is about band coaching. I'm enjoying these interesting, practical, lessons very much, during which there is focus on playing in a band. Besides this whole school program I have also been working with 3DEEP the last couple of weeks, we are very busy writing and recording in the studio to release our first Lounge/Deephouse album! There are great things going on in that studio! Are you getting very curious about the end result of all this hard work? Then I suggest that you keep following this website to stay updated, because new news will follow soon! Till the next newsflash!

17-08-2015: 3DEEP and other new projects
Because we have summer school holidays (and because I stopped by The Quartermen) I have time to focus on some new bands; which bands these are you are to find out very soon in this newsflash! Let's start with the first one: this isn't actually a band but more a producers' trio called; 3DEEP. 3DEEP is something completely new for me; as it's electronic music! A few years ago I never thought that I would get involved in that kind of music but it eventually turned out that way! 3DEEP's history goes back a few months when the guitar player from The Quartermen met a friend in Germany with whom he could make Dance/Lounge music, when I became aware of what they were making I became so enthusiastic that I also started to create music with them. Since then we have been quite busy with composing new tracks and we are hoping to release a first record soon! Cheers,

18-07-2015: Stopped playing for The Quartermen and through to the next year
for school It's getting to the end of July so it's time for a new newsflash! At the moment I'm enjoying my vacation in Vilnius (Lithuania), it's really beautiful out here! Looking back on this month, there are a lot of things to mention, to start I'm proud to announce that I'm through to the next school year at the Rockacademy! That's of course wonderful news because I really enjoy studying there and I think it's one of the coolest schools in the Netherlands! Besides this positive news I've had to announce some less positive news to my bandmates of The Quartermen; I decided to stop as drummer for The Quartermen . I have thought about this hard decision a long time but I'm very glad that it has finely been made! And of course I'm going to play some final gigs with the boys, on the 29th and 30th of August to be exact, for more informattion I refer to the agenda page on this website. Luckily I can't sit still; so I need to be busy with music, that's the reason why I'am going to do some quite cool stuff during the summer holidays, I'm planning for example to go into the studio with Valair (Valere Geron) and I'm also going to do some session work for the German house-act 3Deep, where I'm going to play the electronic drums. Quite a lot to do, but that's how I like it the most! Tomorrow I will fly back from Vilnius to the Netherlands and hopefully a lot of great things will happen the upcoming year! Till the new newsflash!

16-06-2015: Exams and Quartermen-gigs!!
Like I said in my previous newsflash: the exams are there at the Rockacademy! That means that I studied a lot the last couple of weeks, and I still do. So I'm studying hard at the moment and hope to pass all my exams, because that's what it's all about actually! Other than that; I'm very busy with different bands besides The Quartermen which also takes a lot of my time, but to contain your ex-citement I'm not gonna tell you al lot about it! But lets talk about The Quartermen, we played live at a radiostation a couple of weeks ago on Sunday; May the 31th at L1 radio in Maastricht during the program "De Stemming". This was a very exciting experience for us where we learned a lot be-cause the whole program was scripted and very well organized, they took really good care of us. We were allowed to play 3 songs, acoustic, which meant that I brought my cajon and I banged the hell out of that thing. The radioprogram where we were invited to was recorded on location, in a pub called "Forum" in Maastricht, to my opinion one of the most cosy pubs in Maastricht. Recording on location meant of course that there was a huge radio production truck outside the pub, so every-thing would sound great in all the living rooms in Limburg!! In case you've missed our performance: don't be sad; for next Sunday we will play at Waeskepop festival in Guttecoven. Around 16:00u we will start our show; so make you sure you don't miss us!! Till the next newsflash and most of all; see you in Guttecoven!

15-05-2015: it's my birthday today + performance assessments at the Rockacademy!!
Yeahh!! Today it's my birthday! Today I've turned 21 times around the sun!! I feel myself I really old prick when I think about it. Well; but that should not spoil the fun; a lot of great things happened at the Rockacademy the last couple of weeks, and I am going to update you about that. I have had my third band period at school and passed it with two performance assessments in Paradox stage in Tilburg. The past period I played in two great skills bands at school and we wrote in total 12 songs. During the performance assessments we played with both bands 3 songs. Luckily I've passed both performance assessments and now I'm going to focus on the upcoming exams. By the way; about those performance assessments which I did; I've placed all the videos from these per-formances on the videopage on this site. There are in total 4 videos so I should say: take a beer, sit back and enjoy!! But we're not there yet: besides the performance assessments I had to give an-other performance at school: I had to sing!! Believe it or not but we had a backing vocals workshop at school so I needed to sing in front of all the other drummers and bass players of my class, quite a thing for me! Luckily it went very well; beyond my own expectations as I didn't expect that! So I also passed for that singing test and now I'm going to focus on the upcoming exams in June. It will be a lot of studying and because of that I'm going to start right now and end this newsflash, till the next one!

27-04-2015: New gigs and new bass player for The Quartermen and a brand new name for music school Rec 'n Play!!
Since my last message a lot of new things took place! With The Quartermen things are going quite great! We've got some new shows planned (look for the dates in the agenda on this site) and we've started a collaboration with bookings agency Chelona. We will perform on some cool festivals this summer, like Waeskepop in Guttecoven and the Vijverparkfestival in Brunssum. Our EP "Down the Stairs" has been in the air for some days now and you can download it still on i- Tunes and Spotify; so feel free to buy it!! But besides all these news facts our biggest news is that we have a new bass player: Thomas Kuijpers! He shall play his first gig with us in 'de Nieuwe Nor' in Heerlen this Friday (1-5-2015), where we shall play as support-act for Audio Adam. We are extremely looking forward to this gig and we hope that we can give a splendid performance for a sold out concert hall! But now for something completely different: like I mentioned before in some previous newsflashes, I work as a teacher at music school Rec 'n Play in Maastricht and I do that with great pleasure; in the last few months a complete restyling took place in our school which led to a brand new name: Sound Academy Maastricht!! And with a new name comes a new website:, check it out! For those interested in drumming lessons from me; you can still mail to the old mail address;; as soon as there is a new mailing address I will inform you all about it on this website. I think that's all I want to say right now about my new adventures, I hope you've liked reading it! Till the next newsflash!

19-03-2015: Podiumvrees-final and more Quartermen-news!!
It's about time for a new newsflash; for my goodness, there's a lot to talk about! First things first….; The Quartermen was selected for the finals of the band contest Podiumvrees, after a very exciting qualifying round in De Hanenhof in Geleen. The finals were held last Saturday at popstage Volt in Sittard, it turned out to be a great party! We are quite familiar with the finals of Podiumvrees; last year we also played in the the finals; then we won the audience award. This year we unfortunately didn't win in the category jury or audience but we did win the promo award, for best promopicture, made by the genius Hugo Baur. He revised this picture and gave the picture a mining look and feel; as the theme of Podiumvrees was about coal mining in Limburg. All performing bands therefore needed to do a cover song of the group Carboon. Carboon composed several songs about the mines in Limburg in our beautiful Limburg language. As a reward price we won 10 free rehearsals at popstage Volt, which is a great price to win! The final was a big party and we enjoyed it very much! We were also very happy with the winner: our friends in the band Speak o' Freaky! But there is more! Not only did we play at the finals again but there's more big news this week: OUR FIRST EP IS OUT!!!! Yesterday (Wednesday the 18th of March) our first EP, called "Down the Stairs", was released on iTunes, Spotify, Google play music and! We are extremely happy with it and you can listen to our work by going to one of the following links: Down the Stairs - EP' van The Quartermen
Spotify: Click here
Itunes: Click here
So I should say: go and check out our music, you won't regret it! And, if you like the EP, come to one of our shows! You can find out were we play by checking the agenda on this website! I think these are enough updates for this time, till the next one!!

06-02-2015: First exams at the Rockacademy + Quartermen-news
2015 is going on for sometime so it's time for another newsflash! I've had my first exams at the Rockacademy the last period, and they went quite well! I will have a second exam period at the end of this academy year and some subjects are already done now. It's still a great pleasure to study at the Rockacademy and I get to know a lot of new, amazing, people. From February the 9th onwards, the second school period will begin, in which I will get some new subjects, like musiconomy for example. I'm very much looking forward to that! Last week we had a great drumday at the academy, we had some great masterclasses from drummers Jimmy van den Nieuwenhuizen (Van Velzen) and Roy Moonen (my old drum teacher). That drumday was very inspiring for me and motivating to practice, because it was great to see those guys play as they already did so much in the music industry. Besides my Rockacademie-adventures we are very busy with The Quartermen and especially our first EP ("Down the Stairs"), we are dotting the i's and crossing the t's with respect to our EP. Around this time the last two tracks are being mastered and the artwork for our EP-cover is being fine-tuned, it won't be long before we release it! The EP isn't the only thing which keeps us busy at the moment, because we also try to play live as much as we can; like upcoming Saturday for example, then we will play then during the preliminary rounds for the band contest Podiumvrees. This concert takes places at de Hanehof in Geleen. We hope that we can reach the finals a second time, just like last year, but the competition is very strong this year with some great bands, so it will be very exciting for us! I think this will be enough news for this newsflash. If I were you I would keep an eye on this website (or The Quartermen's site: if you are interested in our EP-adventures! Till the next newsflash!

01-01-2015: the best wishes!!!!
Yeahhh!! It's 2015, so it's the perfect timing for a new year column! At first I would like to wish everybody a fantastic new year, hopefully it will be a beautiful, musical and successfull 2015!! I have great memories about 2014 because it was a great year for me with a lot of successes like: graduating at the Arcus College (Pop music education), being accepted at the Rockacademy in Tilburg, the great shows we had with The Quartermen and winning the audiences' favorite award during band contest Podiumvrees 2014. I also have a lot of goals for 2015, like going to the next year at the Rockacademy, so I can study there next school year as well. Besides that we are also planning to release the first EP with The Quartermen, the EP will be called "Down the Stairs", and we worked very hard on it until the very end of 2014 and we will continue working on it in 2015!! Just before Christmas we recorded the last two songs at studio Maasland, we are very pleased with the result so far, but there's a lot more to come about this….. so stay tuned! Saturday February the 7th we will play at band contest Podiumvrees again, with The Quartermen, in our hometown Geleen. Furthermore; I will focus the most on my study in 2015 and on improving my drumming and musical skills. I hope to make a lot of progress on all those things and grow as a musician and as a person. Personal growth is something I wish to you all in this new year!

21-12-2014: Quartermen-EP and my life at the Rock Academy
As usual, I always post a new column at the beginning or ending of every month, so you can read about all my adventures! Because it's almost Christmas I think it's time for a new column! And there's enough to talk about; about school (the Rock Academy) and about the band where I play in (The Quartermen). Let's start with school: I'have started with the second skills-band, after my first performance assessment (with China Cat Sunflower); which I passed. I'm very glad to do this second band-period with this band (we call ourselves Dr. Evans and the Strollers). We are going to make a cross over between Reggae and Rockmusic! Before the Christmas break we succeeded to write all the 4 songs and we also got the first Go. After the holiday break we have the second Go/No Go-moment, so we are hoping for the best! Besides the skills band I was also very busy with my first research for music history. This research was about my personal roots as a musician and about my vision about my own musical style. Very interesting but it was also a lot of work! Luckily I've passed this research and my teacher was very pleased with the result! And now I'm going to talk about The Quartermen!: We worked very hard on the last two songs for our first EP "Down the Stairs". We did the last studio session for this EP last weekend, at studio Maasland (with sound engineer Dirk Brouns) in Born. It went very well and we can't wait to present the final result to the world, but we still need to have some patience until next year! Besides our studio work we are also busy with playing live, we are for example selected for the band contest Podiumvrees and we've played at the Night for the Arts at the Rockacademy in Tilburg. So, I think I've said everything that has to be said, I wish everybody a wonderful Christmas and a great, happy and above all a 2015 with lots of music!!!!

05-11-2014: Totally back now after a little break!
Because of surgery on my right eye I have been out of 'business' for a few weeks, but now I returned and I think it's time to look back at the things I did in October and the things planned for november by means of this newsflash! A lot of great things happened at school and with The Quartermen. With The Quartermen we are busy with performing, in October we had some great gigs, we played for example as a support act for the great band The Tightropes (Groningen) at the ECI Culturefactory in Roermond. At school I concluded and passed my first band period with a performance in 013 (Tilburg), but I'll say more about that in a second! Let's begin with the band where I still love to play with. After our former bassplayer, Dylan Swelsen, stopped playing in the band, we got our new bass player Jop Albronda ready for his first gig in a very short period of time. The very first gig in this new line up was on Friday October the 3th during Theatrepop at the Pitboeltheatre in Sittard. The day after we travelled to the ECI Culturefactory in Roermond where we played as a support-act for the great band The Tightropes in this beautiful pophall.In the meantime we are also very busy with our first EP (which is called "Down the Stairs"); for example, we had a nice photoshoot for the cover of our EP, because we want to design a beautiful cover, with new logo, which is in line with the atmosphere of the songs on our EP. About the EP: it's our plan to finish the recordings of the last awesome 2 songs in December 2014. And then I also have a great school where I study drums: the Rockacademy in Tilburg, like I said at the beginning of this newsflash: I've had my first performance assessment in 013 which I passed with a 7, and of course I'm very happy with that! For the second bandperiod I'm setting up a Reggae Rockband with other students, so that's gonna be something great I hope! With this new band we hope to make a combination of Reggae and Rockmusic, so I'm very excited about that concept and I can't wait to start with it! I think that this is enough for this time! This was the October-newsflash! Till November, when I will update you again about The Quartermen and my great adventures at the Rockacademy, thanks for reading and see you soon! Cheers,

06-09-2014 Started at the Rockacademy and interesting gigs with The Quartermen!
It's been a while since I wrote my last newsflash for the website. One of the reasons was the summer holidays, of course but, also due the fact that I am very busy with school and The Quartermen at the moment. This new school year has officially started at the Rockacademy and things are also going great with The Quartermen! Let's talk about the Rockacademy; it's a very wonderful experience to study in an environment where there are only great, gifted, musicians with the same passion and ambition!! So I'm willing to study hard and try to get everything out of the study. Besides that there is also a lot of news about The Quartermen; for we have a new bass player!! Our bass player Dylan decided to stop with The Quartermen because of work related reasons and a lack of time for the band, consequently; so we can now present Jop Albronda as our new bass player! Our first gig with Jop will be at the Pitboel Theatre in Sittard on Friday October 3th. For all the other Quartermen gigs I would like to refer to the agenda page on this website! There are great things coming, like for example a support act for the Dutch band Only Seven Left. Well, I think that's it for this newsflash, thanks for reading and till the next time!!

12-07-2014: Accepted at the Rockacademy!!
After the good news about my graduation in Heerlen I have some good news to tell again: I'm accepted at the Rockacademy in Tilburg for the specialisation drums!! I'm offcourse completely over the moon at this point and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming schoolyear! My teachers at the Rockacademy will be topclassdrummers like Rene Creemers and Arthur Lijten, masters on the drums! In the past the Rockacademy brought the Netherlands (and Europe) some great bands like for example: Krezip, Intwine and Stevie Ann. I'm determent to study as hard as I can and I hope to grow as drummer and as musician, that's my goal! And I really hope to get work in the musicscene in The Netherlands and hopefully also Europe. So, this was my newsflash for this time, thanx for reading!

26-06-2014: Graduated at the Popmusic education from the Arcus College!
After 3 beautiful years I received my diplom today, on this wednesday (june the 5th), at the theatre of our school. I played several times in that theatre with schoolproductions so it was very strange to sit there in the audience myself. During my study in Heerlen I met some great musicians and a lot of wonderful people in the musicbusiness. I would like to thank some teachers especially: Sjoerd Rutten (drummer): drumteacher, musictheoryteacher/big inspiration for me. Joost Vergoossen (guitarist): musictheoryteacher and mentor. Jan van Olffen (bassplayer): musictheoryteacher/solfegeteacher/big inspiration. Roy Moonen (drummer): drumteacher/big example. And offcourse a lot of other people, I'm very grateful for the wonderful time I've had. And for now I really hope to proceed my studycareer at a new musicstudy, that would be fantastic!

23-06-2014: Auditions, EP's and gigs!
Of course, the things in the title are a few things I'm spending a lot of time on, but let's not forget my exams at the 'Pop music school' in Heerlen. Those exams, that I have also taken with our 'exam band' Blue Band, have taken place this school period, apart from all of my other activities. Unfortunately, I don't know yet whether I am graduating, because I still have a few oral exams to go, but I have passed all the exams, including the ones that I've done with Blue Band. Apart from those exams, there have also been other exams that I have had to take: admission exams at the conservatory and other music academies. I had my first exam at the Rotterdam Conservatory recently, and I thought it went really well! I have another exam lined up in July, at the Rockacademie ('Rock Academy'), so check the website to stay up to date! Of course, I have not only been working on exams lately. Things with The Quartermen have been going very smoothly as well. We've been working hard in the studio to create our first EP, which will be named 'Down the Stairs'. Apart from drums, I've also been doing keys and percussion during the recording process. The website will also contain all of the information about our EP. Please also visit the page containing the tour dates for our new gigs! The next show with The Quartermen will be our first one in Belgium, at festival Lommel Proeft Jazz ('Lommel Tastes Jazz')! Everyone who is going to watch us perform there on Sunday 22 July, will witness a first: it will be the first time our new session guitarist Brandon Spies is joining us! From that point on, he will be part of our live band and will be playing with us as our session musician during shows. So make sure you witness his first appearance! Well, I think I may have broken a record with this newsflash, so if you've made it this far: nice job! Until next time!

19 April 2014: Plenty of news to report!
In the past few weeks, I haven't posted as many newsflashes on my website, but I have been up to all kinds of stuff! So it's about time I post a new column! I'll start by saying it's been extremely hectic and that I simply can't summarize everything in one new column, so I'll just name the highlights! One of the things that definitely is worth mentioning, is the final round of band contest 'Podiumvrees' (Stage Fright). It was amazing to be allowed to play at the brand new 'Poppodium' (Pop Stage) Volt, in Sittard-Geleen, but it was even better to also win the 'Publieksprijs' (Audience Award)! This was a huge honor for us! Apart from Podiumvrees, we've also played many other gigs, like the amazing show at the 5Live Festival in Holtum, and at the OranjeRock Festival in Hoensbroek. Apart from the many gigs, we've also been hitting the studio as of Friday 11 April to, yes sir, work on our first EP!! We're currently working hard on our EP at Studio Maasland 2.0, in Born. It will be called Down the Stairs, named after one of its songs. So I've already played the drum part, which went very well. Also, I will be playing a piano/ synthesizer part for one of the four songs. And for several other songs, I will be doing percussion and backing vocals, this is extremely fun to do! Apart from the whole Quartermen thing, I am in the final stages of my exams at school. I've already completed many of the exams, including the one about music theory. The practical exams are taking place in May. I have to do a final show at school, which I will undertake with the special band that me and a classmate have founded for this occasion: Blue Band. I am also working on being admitted to college. Actually, I'm mainly waiting now, because all the demos have been sent to the different schools. All I can do now, is wait to see if I get invited for an audition. It is exciting, but in a good way! I think that will be the end of this newsflash. It already has a lot of new info, and I don't want every single newsflash to be of evangelical proportions. Until next time!

28-02-2014: New gigs of The Quartermen and other news!
As you can see in our agenda, The Quartermen keeps getting more gigs. We're doing well and will probably get even more gigs! Also, we have recently launched our very own website: So please keep checking this site to read about the latest developments! Except for new gigs, we'll also be hitting the studio in the beginning of April and we will also be making music videos! On 8 March, we'll find out if we've been selected for the final round of 'Podiumvrees' (Stage fright), which will be held on 29 March at 'pop stage' Volt. Apart from the whole The Quartermen thing, I'm also preparing for my finals and the studies that I hope to pursue. I have a special admissions page on the Dutch version of my website relating to those. On that page, I hope to show my motivation and skills for the studies I want to accomplish. I hope to be getting a college degree in music! On this page, you'll find things such as a biography, a short motivation which shows why I want to pursue a college degree so badly, a resume and loads of sound and video material. Go check it out!
That's the end of my news flash for this time, please read my next one!

31 January 2014 Once again, I have much news to share with you!
This past month has been another busy one for me. I'll try to summarize it all in this new column. It all sort of started late December, when I became a member of the band 'The Quartermen', from Geleen. They play indie rock and write their own material. Ever since that audition, we've been working hard and have played our first show. We also participated in a preliminary round of a band contest called 'Podiumvrees' (Stage fright). We are really hoping that we've advanced to the final round on 29 March, at 'Poppodium Volt'. If we win that round, we'll get to play at a mother's day festival called Mama's Pride! Apart from the whole Quartermen thing, I will also be having my trial exam in early November, together with Blue Band, at the theatre of our school. Also, I'm preparing for college after I graduate, continuing to give drum lessons and working on my other new band! So I guess you could say I'm pretty busy, which is why I'm going to end this news flash now. Talk to you next time!

01-01-2014 Happy newyear!
First of all, I want to wish everybody a very happy, healthy and especially a very musical 2014! 2013 was a wonderful year for me; a year in which I experienced great things; amongst which building this site and putting it on-line. I am grateful to all people involved in making this possible and I sincerely hope that the new year will bring beautiful things for everybody!

20-12-2013 New website online!

After a great amount of effort, my website builder and I are proud to present my new website, which has been completely updated! You can use it to find out what I'm up to. Don't forget to leave a message in my guestbook!