Drumvideo 2018 'Walking on the moon'

Videoclip of Blue Band, my exam band/graduationproject at the Popeducationschool in Heerlen in 2014. In this video we are playing a song from Jamiroquai (Seven Days in Sunny June). Enjoy!!

Live compilation from a Violet's Tale concert at Gabi's Beer Bar in Maastricht.

Performance Assessment Rockacademie: skillsband Dr. Evans and the Strollers (reggae/hiphop)

Live video from a LIANA-concert during Sofar Sounds in Utrecht. In this video we are playing the song I'll Rip Your Heart Out:

The Lucky Ones live at Hammelburg playing the song "Equality".
During the international band camp I attended in 2016 this band was formed and I had a blast with them. This video is shot during our end-performance and the song is written by Chantelle McNulty. Line-up:
Chantelle McNulty (Ireland) - vocals/guitar
Alex Bartlett (U.S.A.) - backing vocals
Jeroen Huyzentruyt (Belgium) - guitar
Matthew O'Brien (Ireland) - keys
Nathan van Kersavond (Belgium) - bass
And myself on drums.

Auditionvideo for music studies/conservatories 2014

Chivy and the BlueZicians live @Bluesclub The Nix - The Hardest Thing (own written stuff)